Dollar Heroes

A Film by Sebastian Weis, Carl Gierstorfer, Jonghun Yu, Tristan Chytroschek und Wonjung Bae

Currency for the dictator

100,000 forced labourers worldwide are working to provide foreign currency for North Korea’s regime – even in the European Union. This investigative documentary exclusively shows the inhumane conditions under which North Korean labour brigades are forced to live and work, and it sheds an important light on how this state-organised human trafficking helps to finance Kim Jong-un’s nuclear program.


ARTE – 52 min.

Editor: Susanne Mertens (ZDF/ARTE)

A Co-Production by: a&o buero filmproduktion and Moonlight Films, South Korea
Editing: Ramon Urselmann
Camera and Camera Assistent: Carl Gierstorfer, Sebastian Weis, Maciej Smich, Youndoo Chung, David Jo, Noh Jae-Yun, Jens Paschke
Camera: Nils Kacirek
Graphics: KIM&HIM
Research: Katarzyna Tuszynska, Kyuwook Oh, Andreas Rossbach, Maciej Smich, Mark Siegmund, Hanna Gieffers, Christian Vonscheidt
Sound and Sounddesign: Roman Vehlken, Milan Meyer-Kaya
Color correction: Andreas Piecha
Translation: Jin-Man Jun, Jiyoung Youn, Forest Ian Etsler
Legal Advisor: Ralph Graef
Production: Alexandra Obradovic
In Coproduction with ARTE, The Why Foundation, KBS, BBC, CBC, DR, EO, NHK, NRK, SVT
With Participation of Against Gravity, BHRT, Czech TV, ERR, LRT, RUV, SRF, TV3, UR, YES/DBS, YLE
With Support of MEDIA, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, KCA, The Open University, EBU, DANIDA