Blood Antiques

A film by Peter Brems, Wim Van den Eynde and Tristan Chytroschek

Art Robbers and Terror Lords

The illegal trade with ancient treasures finances war and violence – according to reports from Interpol and the FBI. The ARTE documentary „Blood And Treasures“ investigates these allegations and shows how the profit from this illegally traded antiquities finances terrorist activities in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.


ARTE – 2015


Awards: Festival International du Film sur l’Art Montreal, Nyon International Festival of Archaeological Films, National Days of Archaeology Bordeaux, Rassegna Int del Cinema Archeologico Rovereto, Icronos Bordeaux, Archäologisches Filmfest Belgrad

Camera: Bernhard Wagner, Emmanuel Guilbert

Editing: Steffen Verpooten, Lukas Ellerbrock

Sound: Max Kielhauser

Commissioning Editor: Bernd Seidl