A film by Wolfgang Luck and Martina Keller

Dirty deals with body parts

Between the Ukraine, Europe and the US thrives a flourishing trade in body parts. In Kiev and other cities dead bodies are harvested for tissue under scandalous circumstances. Relatives are put under pressure to allow the removal of bones and tissue from the bodies of their loved ones. The body parts are then shipped to Germany. From here, the international tissue mafia supplies the medical industry around the world with implants made from body parts – such as granules for orthodontic surgery and cartilage for orthopedic procedures. We ask: Why doesn’t anybody stop the dirty dealings of the tissue traders?

WDR/NDR – 2011 – 45 min.

Awards: Nominated for Prix Europa, Figra Paris

Camera: Christian Eichenauer

Schnitt: Karl-Heinz Satzger