A film by
Larissa Klinker

Life in English, The North (1), The South (2)

Rugged mountains, endless grasslands and wild romantic places, but also traditional tea rooms in noble country estates – that is the north of England. Unusual villagers, crazy football fans and hip artists live here. The film shows the green soul of northern England: a fabulously exciting region shaped by wild nature and bizarre but always friendly people.

Romantic hilly landscapes, magnificent gardens, picturesque places and meandering rivers, plus unusual characters such as a woolen sacker, a 12-year-old organ talent and a confectioner on a houseboat: between beauty and bizarreness, between tradition and modernity, the viewer discovers the green soul of southern England.


ARTE – 2018 – 2 x 45 min.


Moritz Schwarz


Oliver Zydek


Ramon Urselmann


Andreas Piecha


Nils Kacirek


Kathrin Bronnert, Ralf Quibeldey (NDR/ARTE)