Mapping the Future

A film by Jakob Kneser and Pina Dietsche

Who will win the next World Cup? When will the stock markets crash again? And where will the next revolution take place? Computer experts claim that they can predict events like these. A thought-provoking film about the risks and opportunities of predictive analytics.


3sat – 2015

Awards: Pariscience, International Science Film Festival Athens, Pariscience – Grand Prix, European Science Film Festival Wien, Academia Film Olomouc – Official Selection, Moskau International Doc Film Festival – New Special Competition, China Dragon Award – Silver Prize

Camera: Rainer Friedrich, Russell Gienapp, Riccardo Giese, Christopher Kraetzmann, Christian Eichenauer

Montage : Ruben S. Bürgam

Sound: Alexander Joksimovic, Chris Miller, Max Kielhauser, Alexander Czart, Thorsten Czart

Graphics: Klaus Wache, Bildbad

Narrator: Susanne Grawe

Audio editing: Art.Effect

Music : Nicolas Rebscher

Color correction: The Editors

Commissioning Editors (3sat): Katharina Finger, Nicole Schleider