Secret Life of Babies

Produced by Oxford Scientific Films
German version by a&o buero.

What can a baby see and hear? How does a baby explore the world? Why can they swim underwater? How do they communicate? And why do toddlers have temper tantrums? The first three years are the most important of a human’s entire life – it’s when we learn to walk, talk and socialise. But as an adult, baby behaviour is both mystifying and fascinating. Featuring babies of all shapes and sizes, Secret Life of Babies discovers how a baby’s rapidly changing body affects its behaviour and also meets the miracle babies who have survived against all the odds. New filming techniques offer a fresh perspective on baby development. Specialist cameras recreate how a new-born baby sees the world and stunning time-lapse footage shows how a baby’s body completely transforms itself, while super-slow motion footage reveals the surprising intricacies of a toddler’s cry. As it follows baby development, the film uncovers the amazing facts you never knew like the heart of a new-born baby beats twice as fast as an adult; pound for pound, a toddler is stronger than an ox; and most babies learn to say ‘dada’ before they can say ‘mama’. Get ready to see your baby in a whole new way…


ARTE 2015