A film by Ingo Knopf

Every Minute Counts

Every minute a person in France or Germany suffers a stroke. Around the world, 15 million people per year become victims – with disastrous consequences. Nearly half of all stroke victims suffer from severe brain damage for the rest of their lives.

Our documentary shows the latest cutting-edge treatments and proves that stroke is not just a problem of older men. More and more young people suffer a stroke – and more than 55% of all victims are women. The film features a 25-year-old student and her successful struggle to get her life back after a stroke…


ZDF/ARTE – 2015

Camera: Christian Eichenauer, Rainer Friedrich, Chris Krätzmann, Barthold Stromeyer, Frank van Vught

Sound: David Amsalem, Charles Grégoire, Alexander Joksimovic, Philipp Linke

Schnitt: Bianca Heuckeroth

Animations: Henri Mure

Camera: Florian Ebrecht

Producer: Tristan Chytroschek

Commissioning Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ZDF/ARTE)